In 1957 Chrysler called the DeSoto “the most exciting car in the world today.” Futuristic styling, engineering firsts, stunning colours and LOTS of chrome – 1950’s bling. While this was happening in the car world the music world saw its own revolution – the arrival of Rock ‘n Roll and the first electric bass guitars.

The Desoto bass draws on a classic design known for exceptional versatility, rich midrange and bright treble response. The Sceptre DeSoto Series uses the original 1960’s style pickup positioning for the smoother and more present midrange of these instruments. This is further accented by a North American alder body with its comfortable, elegant contours.

The neck is classic. The slim satin finished neck with a 38mm bone nut makes playing comfortable in any position over all 20 frets. The dual action truss rod keeps the neck straight and stable.

The pickups are custom wound with enamel 42 AWG enamel coated wire and ALNICO 5 magnets. The neck and bridge pickups are reverse wound/reverse poled for hum-free operation when using both pickups while maintaining the snap and growl of single coils.

Perfect balance in the hand and in the ear. The Sceptre DeSoto Series.