I have chosen Der Jung Tuners for all Sceptre Instruments. Der Jung is a Taiwanese company founded in 1960 with manufacturing in Guang Dong, China. I have used their products now for over 10 years and have been very pleased with their consistent quality throughout their product offering.

All Sceptre electric guitars use the DJ234 model tuners. They have a diecast housing with sealed lubrication for smooth operation and long life. The 1:14 gear ratio provides fast and accurate tuning. I chose the D5 zinc button because it is small and solid for the 6-in-a-line headstock configuration. Another feature I like is that they do not need a mounting screw to maintain a solid positioning. Two small nibs on the housing fit in holes routed into the back of the headstock by our CNC machine. It’s rock solid.

For the Sceptre bass guitars I chose the DJ230 tuners. These have a large tuning gear with a 1:20 ratio which gives accurate tuning with less strain on the tuner – and your hand. The tuner posts are 14mm in diameter and will accept any gauge string you chose to play. Another important consideration is that these tuners are light – only 68 gr/piece. A normal large sized vintage style tuner is almost 100 gr/pc making the headstock noticeably heavier.